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When it comes to choosing flooring, what’s most important to you? The price or colour? How many years will it last? How easy it is to clean and maintain? If it’s durable enough to handle your household’s or business daily challenges? Is it suitable for children or pets? Is it waterproof? Is it easy to replace if needed? Is it quiet and soft underfoot? All of the above? Well, you’re in luck because vinyl planks offer all those qualities and more! They are well-loved for their versatility, endless customization options and affordability. Vinyl planks are quickly becoming more popular than laminate and hardwood floors. Vinyl planks are able to be installed directly on cement concrete or over the top of some existing flooring. If you are choosing new flooring for your home or business and weighing all of your options, below is what you need to know about pros of vinyl planks.


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A well-installed vinyl plank is almost impervious to water penetration, making them the perfect product for use in a kitchen, laundry, bathroom or other high moisture spaces in-home or business unlike other flooring options such as timbers or carpets.


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​Vinyl is warmer and is softer underfoot than ceramic or timber flooring. Softer surfaces are great for crawling babies, clumsy kids and people who spend a lot of time on their feet, as it reduces the pressure on the knees and joints. Additionally, objects are less likely to break when dropped on vinyl, which is good news for glasses and plates.


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Top of the list for dogs and cats must surely be vinyl flooring. Installed properly vinyl will wear well, with no scratches or scuffs, and with its water resistant qualities is easy to clean. Cat and dog hairs are quickly removed with a quick vacuum and any urine accidents or vomit are easily removed without leaving a trace. A nice added benefit, certainly with vinyl plank, is its comparative softness and warmth, compared with timber or tile. There’s a lot more give in vinyl which is both more forgiving for our pets and a lot quieter than the click, click of nails on a hard surface.



Vinyl is generally considered to be a highly durable material. Vinyl flooring installed in high-traffic commercial areas such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. Residential vinyl floors have quality standards very similar to industrial ones, so it’s safe to say it will last you at least a couple of decades, possibly a life time. Vinyl planks are produced in a way that makes them water, stain, scratch and scuff resistant, which makes for a very durable floor that takes a long time to wear out. 


Vinyl planks are easily replaced in the unlikely event of serious damage unlike any other flooring option. Make sure you have surplus planks, just in case.



The sky is the limit when it comes to designing vinyl plank, all thanks to the customization-ability of the manufacturing process. Planks have a wide variety of colours and patterns that can’t be achieved with other types of flooring. An increased demand for residential and commercial plank or tiles made way for more interesting designs, which can be made to resemble the texture and feel of wood, stone and even clay tiles. ​


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If you don’t want put a lot of effort into maintaining your floors, vinyl plank is a wise choice. Vinyl plank is only requiring routine cleaning (i.e., sweeping and occasionally mopping) to keep it looking like new. Vinyl planks are stain and spill resistant, so cleaning up after kids or pets requires nothing more than water and a mop. When installed properly, vinyl planks are perfectly flat with no cracks or dents, which makes sweeping and vacuuming much easier.


If your family members have allergies or asthma, selecting the type of flooring can have a big impact on the air quality, as many allergens can collect and get trapped in the floors. Often, the flooring can be the biggest source of allergens. Vinyl planks are a good hypoallergenic option. Some high-end vinyl floors can offer the advantages of a hard surface – easy to clean, no pockets for moisture – and many have an antibacterial agent built into them.



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