Can Hybrid flooring be laid over ceramic tiles?

Yes, hybrid flooring can be laid over existing tiles if the tiles are flat, not lipping or dipping or broken and the grout joints are not too deep. Hybrid flooring can be laid over other existing flooring such as vinyl, cork or even timber flooring subject to their conditions.

Does hybrid flooring expand and contract?

As hybrid flooring is made of limestone powder mixed with PVC so it has little expansion compared to other types of floor covering like all types of timber flooring.

Should I use an underlayment with hybrid Flooring?

Use of underlayment is not a requirement for performance of hybrid Flooring. Most hybrid flooring products come with a factory attached acoustical backing. However, there are applications which may require an additional use of underlayment for acoustical reduction.

Is beading or skirting required with hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring requires beading or skirting around all premiers.

Are trims required with hybrid flooring?

If hybrid flooring meets other types of flooring products a trim is required. If there is a height difference in the subfloor a trim is required.

Do door frames require cutting at the base with hybrid flooring?

Standard door frames require the base of door frames to be cut to install hybrid flooring.

Are subfloor preparations required with hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring will cover small imperfections on a subfloor. Contrary to what people are led to believe hybrid flooring is not a miracle product that can be installed over anything and its possible additional subfloor preparations are required to give a seamless finish and to avoid future problems.

Is hybrid flooring waterproof?

Hybrid flooring is waterproof, but hybrid flooring requires a gap around the perimeter that is covered by beading or skirting and its possible liquids can seep under either the beading or skirting underneath the hybrid flooring and can get trapped underneith and mould can form.

Is hybrid flooring easy to replace?

Hybrid flooring requires a professional tradesman to carry out replacements. Because hybrid flooring has an interlocking system with most rages it’s not possible to replace individual planks without removing the beading or skirting first and pulling all boards apart individually row by row until get to the damaged piece or section. Its possible the unterlocking tabs can break during this process.

Will hybrid flooring pull apart?

Because hybrid flooring has an interlock system depending on the quality of the design and gap required around the perimeter its possible for hybrid flooring to pull apart.

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