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We are a family run business of two brothers and our partners. It all started when we were kids. One of our grandfathers had a vinyl tiling business that had the contract for the state housing homes throughout WA. We used to stay with him during our school holidays and helped him with his business. Our other grandfather was a master builder and had his own business with our uncles. We run our warehouse out of his former home. Our father worked in the local hardware store. So we grew up in the building industry. We started working for the two largest commercial flooring companies in Perth mainly doing the flooring in all the major supermarkets and department stores throughout WA. The staff we worked with there are now our staff. 


When vinyl planks were released onto the market we thought it was a great product and decided to specialize in only them and floor preparations. We started working for all the major flooring retail stores from the South West to Northen suburbs. But were found there were many problems due to sales staff knowing very little about flooring or the preparations required or the product itself. Customers have to take their floor plans into the store and choose their colour from sample boards. Often addition floor preparations and trims are required which are not included in the customer's price. Often customers are not entirely happy with the colour after seeing them in their property. Often there was not enough product supplied because measurements were taken off a plan. So we decided to set up our own website based business and to offer a more personalized service by visiting our customers at their properties directly and showing them full-size samples of the actual product used that they can place around their property while we inspecting and measuring the floor. Once a plank is chosen we give a price set price then and there. 


We are extremely particular. Everything must be done perfectly even the smallest detail. We fully believe in the product. Hence the name Perfect Plank's, perfectionist and perfect product. We make sure everything is done properly. Our goal is the give the highest quality service at the lowest price. We believe we are the best at what we do and definitely the best value. When we do something we are planning for it to last a lifetime. Not only do we want to have customers we want raving fans who care to write reviews and to recommend for us to help others find and choose us. 


We are rapidly expanding and looking to grow our team. 



*Current police clearance.

*White card.

*Drivers license.


Own transport suitable for transporting tools or equipment and materials required. 

Experienced staff must have tools or equipment including orbital sanding machine, grinding machines, vacuum and guillotine.

Contact us:
Call: 0410-248-121

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