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 Over Top Of / Remove Existing Flooring

Over Top of Tiles in Bunbury

The plank number is SD423 in our range.

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Over The Top Of Drummy Loose Tiles in Cannington

We specialize in over the top of ceramic tiles & a common question we get asked is what happens when my tiles are drummy. It simple if they are loose we remove them. We then grind all the tiles which others don't do & if any are not secure they lift & we remove them too. We then vacuum & prime the holes & all the tiles. Fill the hole & then do x3 coats of screed or the top of the tiles & the holes. Once dry we sand & vacuum ready for installation. The result is a perfectly level & smooth surface & a perfect finish you will never have future problems with.

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Over Top Of Cork & Other Existing Flooring

We can installation vinyl planks or tiles over your existing flooring with the right floor preparation. This was cork tiles. We can also install over ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles or planks, and sheet vinyl or lino.

Over Top of Tiles in Serpentine

Tile & Carpet transformation.

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Many customers were given lino or other types of flooring with their new home package from their builder. Many don't realize you can remove the flooring off a new home package & arrange flooring separately.

Lino is cheap & nasty but serves a purpose if you're on a tight budget. But it doesn't last long. It scratches, rips & indents easily. Lifts around the edges & dirt & water can get underneath that can go moldy.

Vinyl planks or tiles will last a lifetime! They are hardwearing, easy to clean & maintain. Water & wear resistant. Very easy to replace if needed but it rare. All our ranges are glued down & won't move unless replaced.

This lovely couple were very happy to see their old damaged lino from their builder go & new vinyl planks installed. The colour is not our most popular but looks great installed & definitely worth considering.

The colour is KB523 from our range.